Kasai - Japanese inspired tile collection

Written by Callum Walker Interiors - 16/05/2018

Kasai - Callum Walker Japanese inspired tiles

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The new Kasai tile collection is now available for order from our Callum Walker showroom in Perth.

The collection pays homage to Japanese design culture, expressing in porcelain stoneware the same visual and tactile characteristics as achieved on the slats: refined and elegant, celebrating the convergence of different worlds, bringing together tradition and innovation.

The collection features decorations that reflect the imagination of the Rising Sun: Sakura cherry blossoms, Koi carp, Take bamboo, Kanji ideographs, a Samurai abstract composition that includes multiple elements. In addition to these, the particular decoration Kintsugi made using the "third fire" ceramic technique is comprised of a composition of three tiles having a golden "crack", recalling the method that consists in the use of valuable materials to repair ceramic objects.

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